Property Management

By choosing Soapopular for your facilities, you’re giving your customers the #1 alcohol free hand hygiene solution available today.

As a property manager, there are some things you should know:

Meeting End-User Expectations

Soapopular products can boost client satisfaction and increase tenant retention because of their superior quality. Give your tenants the best by providing Soapopular hand hygiene dispensing stations with educational backer boards so clients know the health benefits of using Soapopular alcohol free hand sanitiser over the alcohol related products.


Throughout the manufacturing process, our products are designed to meet strict environmental guidelines and government regulations. This puts us at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices and hand hygiene innovations, to not only lead healthier lives, but protect the environment as well.

Cost in Use

With high quality Soapopular products, your tenants will enjoy Soapopular’s foaming action, which achieves a 3 to 1 use ratio over alcohol based products, therefore reducing cost per use and saving you money.

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